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Siem Reap

Cambodia. What comes to mind when I think back to our last (and final) Asian vacation……. Temples. Lots – borderline too many of them. And sweat. I also managed to book what went down as our worst travel itinerary to date. The good news is I now feel like any travel within the US is […]

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Happy Father’s Day to the two best dads we could possibly ask for!! We were lucky enough to have both sets of our parents come visit us this year. We loved having them and are incredibly happy that they experienced our lives here, were able to see HK – and, a bit more of Asia. […]

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It’s still a mystery to me how 30 snuck up on us so fast.  I’ll continue to bask in my twenties for the next month, but Jake officially entered the next decade on April 30.  To help ease him into it, I surprised him with a long weekend in Borneo. Where, you ask?!! As a geographically challenged American […]

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I am long overdue for a post or three, considering it’s been six months and we are halfway into the list little to-do list that I created in January. (And yes, with the exception of Vietnam, we will get through the entire list before September 1!!) I’ll start with Palawan! Just when we were about […]

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The flights to and from Cebu depart at some crazy times (hence why missed our outbound flight with Rachie in the first place), but they actually worked out well for a weekend since we flew when we should have been sleeping and got to maximize our time there. Can sleep on the beach, right? After […]

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Thanks Grand Prix, for being the perfect excuse to head to Singapore for the weekend. Not that Jake and I followed Formula 1 (or could even claim to know anything about it!) when we booked our tickets – but hey, our friends were going, and even more perfect, my friend Gosia was making her return […]

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Lantau Peak

Now who doesn’t like a good vertical hike? The day after New Year’s, it was time to put all that work on the gym’s stairmaster to the test. (Who am I kidding, I never use that wicked machine.) We set off to Lantau Island for a two and a half hour hike that would lead us up and over Lantau Peak and back down […]

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Chi Lin Nunnery

Not entirely sure how I managed it, but I talked Jake into waking up early on Sunday morning to head to a Buddhist nunnery. I had read about the Chi Lin nunnery and its gardens in a guidebook, and when we googled it to get more info, the pictures won us over. It’s just a short MTR (subway) ride away […]

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The Peak

The Peak is probably one of HK’s biggest ‘attractions.’ This is the spot where you get the incredible views of the city – both the Hong Kong Island and Kowloon sides. We’d been to the top three times – all via cab or the tram – and while the view certainly was stunning, you’re so […]

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We spend alot of time walking here. One of the many perks of not having to drive, I suppose. Just a few snapshots of city life here… That’s just a small portion of Central. (Similar to Chicago’s loop) The IFC is on the right – one of HK’s famed buildings and probably my favorite. And […]

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Wet Markets

Yes, there are grocery stores here. (And really nice ones too.) But, if you want a really authentic experience, you shop the wet markets. Every district has one or more, and some can sprawl on for blocks. I stumbled across the Wanchai wet market on my way to the grocery store one day, and had […]

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Lamma Island

Unfortunately, Jake spent most of Sunday in meetings. I, on the other hand, lucked out and spent the day on Lamma Island with friends. Lamma is an incredible spot that is just a 25 minute ferry ride from Central. (Isn’t that pretty much the theme of HK? All these serene spots are surprisingly close.)  View […]

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I’ll be honest. I’m baffled as to how to put this incredible experience into words. Where to even begin? Ok, how about this: One fateful conversation over a BYO sushi dinner and a couple bottles of wine with friends. That was all it took to have us begging (literally, I have no shame) to tag […]

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June 23. It has been exactly one year since our best friends’ wedding in Italy (Happy Anniversary, J&R!) Oy, so why has it taken me so long to write this post?! Yes we’ve been busy – but moreso, the task of trying to capture our experience through a few words and photos was daunting. People […]

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Chiang Mai

My first post since leaving HK!  It’s been a whopping 10 weeks back in Chicago and I’ve finally mustered up the courage to go through my old photos.  I’ll try to keep the waterworks at bay so I can post our last few expeditions…. now or never right?! We did the whole secluded beach theme […]

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Koh Phangan

If there’s one piece of advice we plan on taking while in Asia, it’s TRAVEL! After doing some research, we booked a trip to Koh Samui. Or so we thought. Apparently my travel planning skills need some honing – the hotel we chose is actually on another island. The good news: Koh Phangan is relatively […]

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BALI. One month ago we left for a place I once thought I’d only see in Eat, Pray, Love. It’s been on the top of our list since we found out we were moving to HK. The excitement of going once we booked was only quadrupled by the fact that we were going with our HK BFFFFFF’s Jane and Rowan. […]

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You’d be surprised by how many times we were asked, ‘So… what’s it like living in Japan?’ when we were back in the US in May. ‘Gee, I wouldn’t know…. I’ve never even been to Japan…’ Until now that is! Tokyo has been high on my must-see-while-in-Asia list so I was quick to join Jake […]

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It’s amazing how a few photos can inspire travel. I’m guilty of having that Pinterest board that contains dozens of Pins of places I want to go – yet at what point does the dream become a reality for many of these destinations? In the case of Banff – in virtually no time, when you’ve got a sister hell bent on going

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Here’s what I love most about our recent travels. Post-Asia, we have never made the conscious decision to venture outside the US with complete free reign on where to go. All of our trips over the past year were opportunities given to us by friends. We’ve had the chance to explore their incredible ‘hometowns’ (using […]

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For my final project in a photography class I took this spring, I showed 10 images from our trip to Oman. My classmates’ impressions of them truly touched me. Moreso than their generous feedback on the photos themselves, their reactions to the experience behind them were what left me feeling tremendously […]

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Puerto Penasco

Let the road trips continue! I’m sure Jake will accuse me of taking on a new job promoting the state of Arizona, but what can I say. The place amazes me sometimes. (And I’m not just talking about the wild pigs that ransack our trash bins or the fact that people rejoice when it rains.) Think about this: You can […]

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With a trip to the Snowbowl under our belts and a newfound sense of confidence in our abilities (didn’t take much… ANY practice was a bonus after four years off skis), it was time to take ourselves on a real ski trip. In one of those rare cases where plans come together effortlessly, and somewhat […]

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General rule of thumb: When it rains in Scottsdale in the ‘winter’, chances are good that it’s snowing just north of the valley. Hello ski season! We had our doubts about the Arizona Snowbowl. Something seemed odd about pulling ourselves away from our pool to go dig out the woolies and down coats and find […]

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At the risk of yet again exposing my inner nerd… I LOVE Pick Your Own produce. You just can’t get a fresher taste than straight off the tree. And what’s more, you get to spend a day outdoors, eating to your heart’s content. Growing up, we had ten fruit trees in our backyard and still found the need to venture […]

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A good photo keeps a moment from running away.  But what about when the photo can’t quite capture the moment? Jake and I are such (dare I say it?!) POOR gift givers that we decided long ago to use our birthdays, anniversary, holidays (anything, really!) as an excuse to travel – even if it’s just a short drive […]

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Date Creek Ranch

Protein. MEAT! We’d nearly given up on it while we were in Asia because anything store-bought either tasted terrible (don’t even think about touching the chicken!) or cost a pretty penny if it was actually edible (meaning sourced from Australia). I knew better than to think anything coming in a little yellow […]

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